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Do you feel that you have been spending a lot of money advertising and you are not getting much more business? You have your business cards and website, but still you are not booked every night.

This is a common problem, but you know that many DJ's are booked every night and they do not promote as much as you and they might not even be as good as you. How might they be doing this?

Have The Banquet Halls Promote You

They most likely have the banquet halls in the area promoting their services. When these halls are booking events, the clients will often ask if they would recommend a DJ. If your name is the one that they say, you are most likely getting a call.

Although it is very difficult to get a hall to promote your services unless you are best friends with the owner, there still are ways to get them to promote you.

There are two ways to get the Banquet halls to promote you.

1. You can work together and cross promote each other
or 2. Which is even better.

2. Get them to promote you with out you having to promote them.

This may seem a little impossible at first, but a little bit of work goes a long way.

Be Polite, Courteous, and Professional

When you first walk in, first impression is key, make sure you are dressed nice. Even though your clients are not their yet and you do not want to ruin your tux carrying in the equipment, you want to have a minimum of a collared shirt, but primarily want a button down shirt on.

This shows the halls that you are professional and you are there for business and not to be part of the party.

When you first enter the banquet hall you want to find the manager or Matre'd that will be running the party. Introduce yourself and your company and ask them where they want you to set up and if there is a schedule on how the food events will be done for that event.

Keep in touch with them through out the night to better coordinate the event to make it run as smooth as possible.

Use words such as; can you, please, and thank you.

Avoid words such as; I need, Don't do that, or other command words.

Being polite will make them feel you are a very respectable person, someone they would enjoy working with again.

At the end of the event, clean up the mess you may have created. Even though it is their job to make sure the hall is clean at the end of the night, helping them out may get you that recommendation.

Cleaning up your used tape, papers, dishes, and garbage; only takes a few minutes, but can result in a high paying next gig.

Get A Good Business Relationship With the Manager

After each event if the manager is available you can thank him for letting you use his banquet hall and compliment him on how well his employees ran the evening. Let him know that you have business cards and would enjoy working at his hall again.

Small Things Go A Long Way

These little things go a long way and if each hall you DJ at only refers you to one person, thats almost double the parties you previously booked. After the clients are satisfied with the halls recommendation, they will thank the hall for the excellent recommendation, giving the hall reason to recommend you to all their clients in the future.

Halls want to recommend DJ's that will give them good reviews and happy clients, so if you do a great job through a hall's recommendation you will be sure to get many more jobs, at not cost of advertising to you.

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Banquet Halls Make You Money

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This article was published on 2010/04/04