Sun Yat Sen. Memorial Hall – Be Part of Chinese History

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Any visitor to Guangzhou will be awed by the splendor of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Built to replicate an octagonal shape, and splashed with vibrant colour schemes it is a building which lashes out history and the brilliance of Chinese history. It is a preferred location for public meetings and historic performances.

Opened in 1931 the hall was constructed to glorify Sun Zhongshan a great man who was responsible for the Chinese revolution. It was built with the order of the people of Guangzhou and the Chinese living abroad who have a great love and pride for their country. Unfortunately it was destroyed before liberation due to neglect. However the new government set aside funds just for the renovation and the repair of this magnificent building and in 1998 finally the new hall with all its former glory was completely restored and repaired.

Right opposite the memorial hall is the strong presence of the statue of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. There is also a golden slab with the Chinese words that quote "Tien Zia Wei Gong "which is written by Sun Yat-Sen himself and this hangs over the main door of the hall. The statue and slab stand as a memorial for the exceptional life of this man. The statue and the slab complement each other and form a scene that leaves any visitor in awe.

No visitor can fail to be amazing by this construction. It is such a great piece of Chinese culture and a proud piece of their heritage. Once inside the memorial hall there are ancient trees with cloud pillars with huge cranes on them which come together creating a quite brilliant scene. The memorial hall has sunny yellow walls, red pillars with blue tiles. Another must see in this hall is the Zhongshan Monument which sits on top of the Yuexiu Mountain. This memorial hall with its brilliant architecture and solemn presence is an important part of Chinese history and is definitely a must see for all those who visit Guangzhou.

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Sun Yat Sen. Memorial Hall – Be Part of Chinese History

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This article was published on 2011/01/03