The Art of Presenting at Town Hall Meetings

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Our Senators and Congressmen often fail us, and just about the time we really need their help they all go on vacation. This time they have set up local town hall meetings in their districts and they say that they are not on vacation rather they are meeting with their constituency (code word for campaigning for more war chest money). Still, as we watch these town hall meetings all we see is angry voters and constituents verbally attacking the Senators and Congressmen.

Now, it's not as if they don't deserve it, as they are often wasteful with taxpayer's money; but, they really do need to learn a little bit about the art of Presenting at town hall meetings. It's not easy giving a presentation at a town hall meeting in front of an angry mob. Of course, it is that same mass mob mentality that got these politicians elected in the past.

Politicians often use various tactics to trigger and incite their base of supporters. In other words, they put forth the sound and fury that in turn lights a fire underneath their constituency to vote for them. By using the mob to their advantage, they are able to get elected while making podium pushing presentations. Of course, one could say; "Be careful what you wish for."

Today, at the town hall meetings it doesn't matter what side of the aisle the politician is on, the voters are angry. Therefore, if they do not answer the questions properly or give a decent presentation on the topics that most concern the voters, they are liable to get things thrown at them. Some politicians have decided that they will not speak to the angry mobs about healthcare, this is a mistake.

In fact, because of the news media coverage no one is interested in any other topic except healthcare. By attempting to avoid the subject, it only makes the voters more angry, and therefore, the Senators and Congressmen need to come forth quickly and have massive handouts that explain the bills that are in Congress and the Senate for the new government plan for healthcare insurance. Please consider all this.

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The Art of Presenting at Town Hall Meetings

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This article was published on 2010/03/27